Telephone Fundraising Campaign Recruitment 2017

Are you looking for a summer job?

Would you like one which will improve your communication skills, show potential employers how responsible you are, and let you stay in College before term starts?

How about one which gives you an opportunity to support a good cause?

If the answer to these questions is ‘yes’, then the 2017 Pembroke Telephone Campaign is for you.

Every year Pembroke College recruits around thirteen students (undergraduates and graduates) to act as telephone fundraisers, asking Pembroke alumni to support their College by donating to the Annual Fund. The Fund supports everything from the supervision system to the maintenance of the College site; everyone who comes here will have benefited from the generosity of the Fund’s supporters.

More information about the Annual Fund and the College’s Development Programme more generally can be found by clicking these links.

The 2017 Campaign will run from 16th September to 1st October inclusive, with full training provided. The Campaign is not only an opportunity for alumni to support their College financially; it is also a chance for them to stay in touch with College life and to gain an insight into the Pembroke experience. Every year callers tell us about the great conversations they’ve had, and alumni tell us how much they enjoy hearing from students.

If you are interested in applying, please read the Telephone Campaign Caller 2017 Job Description and if you have any questions, please email or call Tom Hammond (01223 338117) or drop by the Development Office (N8).

To apply, click here…

The application deadline is midnight on Monday 15 May 2017. If you have any questions, please contact Tom Hammond.

And if you need further persuasion…

Please click here for a list of testimonials from previous callers.


N.B. Previous experience is not necessary since you will receive cutting-edge training in negotiation and communication as part of the role.

Why does the College run a telephone campaign?

  1. to raise money for the Annual Fund: £140,000 in 2013, £190,000 in 2014, and just over £100,000 in 2015
  2. to improve relations with Old Members
  3. to update Members about recent and future events at Pembroke
  4. to increase the involvement of students in the Development Campaign

Why become a caller?

  1. excellent experience for professional life: fundraising develops both your interpersonal and commercial skills
  2. cutting-edge training in communication and negotiation skills that will set you apart when you come to apply for jobs after graduation
  3. plus points for your CV; Development staff have provided references for callers in the past
  4. invaluable contacts
  5. good fun: Old Members enjoy talking to students and vice versa
  6. great team spirit in the call room
  7. feel-good factor raising money for Pembroke projects that benefit students directly

Benefits of being a caller:

  1. well paid
  2. free meals and free accommodation
  3. calling mostly takes place in the evenings and at weekends, leaving plenty of free time for other activities during the day
  4. arrive in Cambridge before the start of Michaelmas Term, giving you plenty of time to settle back into College

What makes a good caller? Someone who…

  1. can listen
  2. can adapt and take advice from others
  3. has an outgoing, pleasant, enthusiastic and friendly manner
  4. is reliable, self-confident, tactful and discreet
  5. can work in a team environment

What skills will the job give you?

  1. the ability to think on your feet
  2. the confidence to speak to people in any situation
  3. high-level communication and negotiation techniques


The dates for the 2016 Campaign are 16 September to 1 October (inclusive) and calling will mostly occur in the evenings and at weekends (with two full days off). The timings may change slightly when the pool of alumni we will be contacting has been finalised.

Training: 09:45-17:00 in N7
Weekday evening calling sessions: 18:15-21:30 in N7
Saturday calling sessions: 09:45-17:00 in N7
Sunday calling sessions: 14:45-20:00 in N7
*Short weekday daytime and late-night calling sessions in N7 (TBC): some callers may also be asked to work these hours