Telephone Campaign

What is the Telephone Campaign?

Each September, a dozen or so Pembroke students – graduates and undergraduates – take part in the College’s fortnight-long Telephone Campaign. The team of callers will update Members with the latest news from Pembroke as well as discussing ways in which Members can support the College through making a gift to the Annual Fund. The callers also enjoy talking to Members about their time at Pembroke, and what they have done since.

The Telephone Campaign is a vital aspect of the College’s Development Campaign. This year the campaign runs from 15th September – 30th September.

Why does Pembroke need your support?

This year, gifts made during the Telephone Campaign will support the College’s ambitious ‘The Time and the Place’ Campaign, which aims to raise some £75 million to allow Pembroke to purchase and develop buildings and land on the south side of Mill Lane, opposite the College’s main domus on Trumpington Street, and secure the future of the distinctive Pembroke education in an increasingly uncertain world.

The Campaign seeks to raise some £60 million in support of the building project, which will enable us to extend the College’s footprint by some 30%. In addition to being able to accommodate more of our thriving community of postgraduate students in College, we hope to be able to extend our provision of modern, flexible teaching and learning space, and to develop a contemporary art gallery and an auditorium which will host concerts, performances and lectures.

Just as importantly, we are seeking to raise some £15 million to support everything which makes a Pembroke education distinctive and formative. This includes:

  • The supervision system, the cornerstone of a Cambridge education: we want our students to be taught individually and in small groups by world-leading scholars, but this is costly and public funding for teaching, in particular in the arts and humanities, continues to decline.
  • The pastoral system, including hardship grants, counselling, welfare and mental health resources.
  • New fellowships to enrich the intellectual experience of our students and contribute to solving the world’s great problems.
  • Bursaries to ensure that no student who has the potential to benefit from a Pembroke education is deterred from coming here for financial reasons.
  • Travel and language study grants, book prizes, and support for extra-curricular activities including sport, drama, music and the fine arts.

Every gift matters!

In the 2015 Telephone Campaign, 50% of Members gave gifts putting Pembroke among the top colleges for donor participation. Having a high ‘donor participation rate’ is important not only because many gifts combine to create huge sums but also because the number of Members donating is a valuable indicator often used by trusts and foundations when they decide whether or not to support the College. Therefore, even modest monthly or single donations are key to Pembroke’s wider fundraising efforts.

Every gift matters. We are grateful to all Members who support Pembroke as generously as they feel able in the forthcoming Telephone Campaign.

Above all, this will help us achieve our vision for a College of all-round educational excellence, serving students from a wide range of backgrounds.

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Any questions?

Please contact Sarah Richey in the Development Office by e-mail or on +44 (0)1223 338117.