Mill Lane

While many colleges have annexes that can be some distance from their original college site, Mill Lane gives Pembroke an extraordinary, once-in- a-College- lifetime chance to build not such an annex but an extension of the College whole.


The building will attract the best students to Pembroke from national and global competition and give them the best possible environment in which to prosper.


As a result of the redevelopment, around 150 student rooms will be created, both on the original College site and in the Mill Lane extension. College administrative functions will be shared on both sides of Trumpington Street, and we are planning an auditorium and much more teaching and meeting space for our students, academics, visitors and institutional and corporate partners.


From the summer of 2018, the College will take possession of several buildings opposite the medieval site: Kenmare House, 1 Mill Lane and Stuart House. These listed buildings will be refurbished and reconstituted to provide increased study space, teaching rooms, gallery space and social centres. By 2021/22, the Ray and Dagmar Dolby Court will be ready for occupation and so the enhanced College site will be ready for hundreds more years to come.


For the latest news about the Mill Lane project, visit ourcampaign website.