The 2006 Bursary

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Dear All,

I hope, like us, you are looking forward to our Ten Years On Dinner at Pembroke on Friday 9 September. We were delighted to catch up with so many of you at the drinks reception at the National Theatre in April and this dinner in College will be a further opportunity to catch up with friends and share experiences since graduation.

As was mentioned at the April drinks, we are keen to mark our first reunion by giving something back to students at the College today.

Tuition and living expenses at Cambridge now amount to roughly £16,000 a year – this is an intimidating amount which may well deter many bright individuals from applying to the College. As your Reunion Co-Chairs, we propose that our year collectively raises funds to establish a ‘2006 Bursary’. The Bursary will be presented to the College at our reunion dinner at Pembroke on 9 September and then awarded in October 2016 to a student from a household income of less than £12,000 in the form of a £6,000 fee waiver.

Our aim is to raise at least £6,000 – enough for one bursary. We are writing to ask you to make a gift of £30 per year for three years to the ‘2006 Bursary’. Every gift counts, no matter the size, and our goal is to make a change collectively.

We hope you will help the 2006 year group to make a difference and open up opportunities for talented individuals who otherwise might not be able to benefit from a Pembroke education.

With best wishes,

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Will Pinkney & Sarah Ruthven
1976 Reunion Co-Chairs

Reunion Drinks Reception

To view photos from the Reunion Drinks Reception at the National Theatre, click here.

The 2006 Bursary

To give to the 2006 Bursary:

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  • Give tax-efficiently from the US by giving online to Cambridge in America here. When asked, ‘Would you like this gift to be designated for your College(s), the University, or both?’ please answer ‘My College’, and when asked ‘Is this gift is in response to a specific appeal, and/or intended for a specific program or purpose?’ please answer ‘The 2006 Bursary’. Please also email Emily Hinks indicating that you have made your gift to Cambridge in America.
  • Donate offline – click here for further information. Please make sure that Emily Hinks is aware that you have made your gift so that it can correctly allocated to the bursary.

Ten Years On Dinner

The 10 Years On Dinner will take place in College on Friday 9 September, at 7.30pm for 8pm. You will receive your formal invitation in May. The dress code is black tie.

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Please click here to find information about Parking in Cambridge. You can book your parking online before you arrive in Cambridge.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Any questions?
  1. Email Emily Hinks in the Development Office or call on +44 (0)1223 339060.
  2. Get in touch with your Reunion Co-Chairs: Will Pinkney & Sarah Ruthven.