Phase 1

Flicking through past copies of ‘The Annual Gazette’ it is possible to spot occasional requests for contributions from Members towards specific projects. In 1994 the College concerned that state funding for Higher Education was heading for a steep decline took the decision to set up the Development Office, under the auspices of Howard Raingold, formerly Development Director at Lincoln College, Oxford and the inaugural Director of the LSE Foundation.

The first campaign ran between 1994 and 2000, raising nearly £14 million, with the goals of funding the construction of new undergraduate accommodation, increasing the endowment to support the College’s teaching, research and tutorial role and to increase the level of support available to Pembroke students with financial difficulties.

Foundress Court

Designed in a striking 20th-century architectural style, the building of Foundress Court added 92 student rooms, a common room, a music practice room, a computer room, a theatre space, a gym and a function room (the Nihon Room) to the College. It enabled Pembroke to accommodate nearly 50% more students on site and increased still further the sense of community amongst the undergraduates.

Foundress Court in 2010 (Keith Heppel)

Foundress Court

The final cost of Foundress Court was £10.3m, of which Nihon University very generously contributed £3.3m.


Three new Fellowships were funded by the Phase 1 of the Development Campaign.

James Campbell in academic dress

James Campbell

  • The James Campbell Fellowship – much respected by his former pupils and friends, including the late Lord Chief Justice Peter Taylor (1950), over £600,000 was raised to endow in perpetuity a College Teaching Fellowship in Law – ‘The James Campbell Fellowship’.
  • R.A. Butler Research Fellowship – established with the support of the Butler Family and a generous contribution from Trinity College, where ‘RAB’ Butler had been Master.
  • College Teaching Fellowship in English


The commitments by our Corporate Partners in underpinning our existing Fellowships during Phase 1 cannot be over-emphasised.

Student Support

Thanks to the success of the Phase 1, it was possible to create a new College trust fund with an initial endowment of £1 million with the aim of alleviating student hardship. Before the Campaign the College had been able to award approximately 20 hardship bursaries to undergraduates per annum, worth between £500-750. Afterwards the College was able to support around 60 students at any one time.