Phase 2

Although much was achieved in Phase 1, with the introduction of tuition fees of £1,000 in 1998 and the progressive replacement of means-tested grants by loans, it was clear that the need for hardship funds and various bursaries would increase. It was also necessary to continue to grow the College’s relatively modest endowment to enable it to continue to support the small group supervision system and attract the best teaching and research talent to the College, particularly after the Government’s decision to phase out its support of the College Fee.

Phase 2 of the Development Campaign ran between 2000 and 2004 and raised over £10 million.

Library Extension
Celebrating 10th anniverasry of opening of library extension

Pembroke and Nihon University mark 10 years of the library extension, 16 June 2012

As the size of the student body grew to over 600, significant pressure was put on seating and storage in the Library, designed by Waterhouse in 1878. By adding an extension to the eastern end of the Library, the College was able to enlarge the existing basement to create a new archive and rare books storage. This allowed the College to convert the whole of the ground floor to provide 57 extra reader spaces and accessible shelf space for a further 25,000 books. Completed in 2001, the extension, named the Simon Gibson Wing, created a new entrance to the Library together with a staircase, a lift, the Peter Taylor Law Library and a seminar room (the Yamada Room). Nihon University generously contributed towards the construction of the extension and the Yamada Room is named in honour of Akiyoshi Yamada, who founded the University in 1889.

Peter Taylor Law Library

The decision to extend the library enabled the College to create a dedicated law library on the first-floor of the extension. Named in honour of the late Lord Taylor of Gosforth (1950), who was Lord Chief Justice of England 1992-1996, it has seating for 12 people and shelving for 5,000 books. The shared environment afforded by a law library has given the law students a greater opportunity to mix together.


Meredith Dewey Bursaries

Meredith Dewey

Known and loved by generations of Pembroke Members through his tutorship and hospitality, a number of bursaries in the Arts and the Humanities were endowed in Meredith Dewey’s name.

Peter May Sports Fund

Peter May in full flow

Organised by Junior Members, sport is an integral part of college life at Pembroke. Clubs and societies make annual applications to the Junior Parlour for funds from GAC and around £15,000 a year is distributed. In addition, the playing fields and pavilion are maintained at College expense of around £60,000 per annum, including salary costs. The Peter May Sports Fund, named in honour the legendary post-war cricket captain Peter May (1949) was set up to preserve and enhance support of all fields of sporting endeavour. In 2002 one of the first major capital enterprises supported by the fund was a drainage project at the College’s sports ground and in 2008 teh Pavilion was extended so that there could be greater security on site thanks to a new groundsman’s flat there.