Dining Rights and Accommodation

Pembroke Members who hold an MA or other Master’s degree or a higher degree from the University, or are qualified for an MA, are welcome to dine in College during Full Term or the period of residence in the Long Vacation. For the academic year 2014-2015, ‘Full Term’ means 7 October to 5 December, 13 January to 13 March, and 21 April to 12 June; residence in the Long Vacation runs for five weeks from early July.

Dining for Members is available on any evening of the week during term or Long Vacation Residence except Tuesday or Saturday and on occasions when large College events take place. A Member may dine as a guest of the College at High Table up to four times each academic year (once a term and once in the Long Vacation residence), provided a Fellow is present to preside. On one of those occasions, overnight accommodation is free of charge for the Member if it is available.

It is regrettably not normally possible for spouses/partners to dine at the High Table. However, for the academic year 2014-2015, the College will hold six “Members’ Evenings”, when up to ten Members and their guests (ten people in all) may dine at the College’s expense. It is recommended that large parties of Members, or Members and their spouses/partners, should seek to use these evenings as particularly good opportunities to dine in the College. The dates of these occasions in 2014-15 are: Monday 20 October and Sunday 9 November, Monday 19 January 2015 and Sunday 22 February, Wednesday 6 May and Sunday 7 June (also a Scarlet Day – Whitsunday).

Guest Rooms

Overnight accommodation may also be available in College, at a reasonable charge (£42.50 per person, per night, for the current academic year), for a visit of a maximum of two nights. The College has four en suite guest rooms (one twin-bedded room and three double-bedded rooms). Given these limited facilities, early notice is strongly advised when making inquiries. The College would be grateful to be informed at the earliest opportunity if a Member’s plans to visit have to be amended. The College also regrets that it will be necessary to charge a Member for the full cost of the room in the event that that Member should cancel his or her visit without notice.

How to book

Arrangements for dining or for staying in a guest room, should be made through the Development Office either by telephone (01223 339079), letter, fax (01223 339081), or email dev@pem.cam.ac.uk during office hours. Should Members wish simply to book a guest room, this can be done directly with the Porter’s Lodge by telephone on +44 (0)1223 338100.