Member Events

The College organises a series of events for Members in Cambridge, around the UK and throughout the world.

Please note that attendance at some events is normally limited to particular years or groups of Members. Information and invitations will be sent out through the post or circulated with the Martlet or the Annual Gazette.

Date Event Venue
Friday 11 April 2014 New York Drinks* M Bar, Mansfield Hotel
Wednesday 7 May 2014 Plate Display (open to all) The Old Library, PCC
Wednesday 7 May 2014 Members’ Evening High Table, PCC
Saturday 10 May 2014 Edmund Spenser Society Lunch** The Hall, PCC
Monday 19 May 2014 Pembroke City Party* The Hall, PCC
Sunday 8 June 2014 Members’ Evening High Table, PCC
Saturday 14 June 2014 May Week Benefactors’ Reception** PCC
Saturday 21 June 2014 Dinner for former members of the Graduate Parlour who matriculated in 1984 or later** The Hall, PCC
Saturday 28 June 2014 Lunch for the matriculation of 1964** The Old Library, PCC
Friday 12 September 2014 Dinner for the matriculations of 1974 & 2004** The Hall, PCC
Friday 19 September 2014 Dinner for the matriculations of 1984 & 1994** The Hall, PCC
Friday 26 September 2014 Foundress’ Feast (1970-1972)** The Hall, PCC
Saturday 27 September 2014 Alumni Weekend Dinner in Hall (open to all) The Hall, PCC
Thursday 20 November 2014 PCCS London Dinner *** Drapers’ Hall, London


For details of these or any other events please contact the Development Office by e-mail or telephone us on +44 (0)1223 339079.

* Invitations have been sent

** Invitations will be circulated

*** A booking form for the 2013/14 PCCS dinners will be sent out with the Martlet in May and will accompany the Annual Gazette in September.