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About the Pembroke Leavers’ Group

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What is the Pembroke Leavers’ Group?
Who are the 2016-17 Pembroke Leavers’ Group Committee?
Our Cause: Widening Participation through the Northamptonshire Project
Why Northamptonshire, Why Now?
How can I support the Pembroke Leavers’ Group?

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What is the Pembroke Leavers’ Group?

The Pembroke Leavers’ Group is a student-led committee which invites Pembroke finalists to make a parting gift to the College in support of a facet of College life which the Committee feels is important and which would benefit from additional support.

The committee organises a number of events in the Lent term to raise awareness of the cause for which they are campaigning, and over the course of the term every Pembroke finalist will be contacted by a member of the Committee and invited to make a small annual donation for a period of three years.

Every donor will be invited to the Benefactors’ Garden Party, one of the highlights of the College’s May Week calendar.

Pembroke is proud of the supportive community which successive generations of members have built, and we hope that finalists will want to support their successors as their predecessors supported them.

Who are the 2016-17 Pembroke Leavers Group Committee?

The 2016-17 PLG committee are scientists, social scientists and humanists with many different interests and experiences of Pembroke. What unites them is a passion for the College and a determination to make sure that all who can benefit from a Pembroke education are able to.

Find out more about the Committee here (link to profiles)

Our Cause: Widening Participation through the Northamptonshire Project

The main thing I will take away from the project is that university is a really amazing chance at independence and education. Year 9 pupil who participated in the Northamptonshire Project

In 2015-16, with the support of a government grant, the Access team at Pembroke College began working closely with a group of able Year 9 pupils in Northamptonshire. Some Northamptonshire pupils experience significant levels of deprivation, and rates of progression to higher education are lower than the national average.

The Northamptonshire Project enabled the Pembroke Schools Liaison Officers to work with 120 pupils from 14 state schools in the county, visiting a ‘hub’ school to encourage students to think about university, organising an event which enabled students to conduct an independent research project on any topic which interested them, and providing an opportunity for students to visit the College.

The Project was a great success: participants gave the event an average score of 8.47 out of ten, and 59% of participants said they were more likely to consider applying to university than they were before the Project.

The funding on which the Project relied has now expired, and the PLG wants to do what it can to help the College continue this vital work. We are already making a difference and we want to carry on doing so.

Why Northamptonshire, Why Now?

The main thing I will take away from the project is [knowledge of] what university is like, and MOTIVATION.
Year 9 pupil who participated in the Northamptonshire project

Fewer students from Northamptonshire go on to university and to Cambridge than one would expect given the performance of its sixth-formers at A-level.

This means that there is unfulfilled potential in the county: students are not getting the opportunities they need and deserve.

Pembroke has an opportunity to do something about this: We have already begun to build relationships with Northamptonshire pupils and their teachers, to counter the myths that still surround Cambridge and to make sure that these talented young people know that university is for them.

All the evidence suggests that the most successful Widening Participation programmes succeed because they are predicated on relationships between pupils and universities which evolve over time and which meet the needs of pupils at each stage of their school careers. We have an opportunity to make sure that the Northamptonshire project becomes one such programme.

We have already helped Year 9 pupils think about university, perhaps for the first time. We have invited pupils just starting Year 10 to come and visit us and see for themselves what we do here.

Now we need to help Year 10 students make the right A-level subject choices, so they can apply to leading universities with confidence. We need to continue to help students develop their passions for their subjects and their independent research skills, and we need to make sure that students are supported through the application process.

If we can build on what has already been achieved we can help able students make the contributions to society which are commensurate with their talents, and we can help to combat the effects of significant social disadvantage.

If we are successful, the College, the county and the country will all reap the rewards.

The most interesting/useful thing I have learnt is that anyone who tries hard enough can get into uni.

Year 9 pupil who participated in the Northamptonshire Project

How can I support the Pembroke Leavers’ Group?

If you’d like to support the Pembroke Leavers’ Group campaign, you can make an online donation by following this link or contacting a member of the Pembroke Leavers’ Group Committee.

Every donation counts: the more generous the Pembroke community is, the brighter the future of the project. We’ll be able to reach more pupils, provide them with more inspiring materials and experiences, and prove to organisations which fund projects like this one that Pembroke really is passionate about widening participation and that we really make a difference.

This last point is crucial: the more we achieve for ourselves, the more others will help us to achieve.

Thank you for your generosity.