The Pembroke Leavers’ Group, 2015–16


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The Pembroke Leavers’ Group (PLG) aims to garner the support of departing students for aspects of College life about which they feel strongly. This year we will be raising money for two causes: Access and the Peter May Sports Fund. By giving a gift, you will be helping to fund initiatives of significant value to future students at your College.

‘Access’ encompasses the events and other opportunities on offer for students from backgrounds which are, at present, under-represented in Higher Education and in Cambridge. The PLG’s fundraising efforts for Pembroke’s Access initiatives are hugely welcome as the money raised will offer the Admissions Office the opportunity to add two components to its programmes: namely, increased student involvement in outreach activities outside term-time, and the provision of additional resources for year 10 and 11 students who attend the College’s residential events, such as the Key Stage Four Easter Residentials.

With regard to the Peter May Sports Fund endowment, although this has grown from £82k to £95k during the past few years, we have now reached a point where donations are falling, yet there has been an increase in awards and equipment funding. The College can use the capital from the Fund, at least to the extent that it has invested in it, however, it would obviously be preferable not to do so in order that the Peter May Sports Fund can continue to generate a sizeable income in perpetuity. For 2015-16, Pembroke is assuming income to the Fund of c. £3.1k and donations in the region of £3k; to spend within its means, then, the College will have to budget for £6k in total. In an ideal world, however, donations to the Peter May Fund would equate to more like £5-6k p.a.. It is therefore very timely that the PLG has opted to support this cause; the Fund should be in a stronger position in the future as a result.

Over the last ten years, the Pembroke Leavers’ Group has raised just over £57,500 in total. Our aim this year is to achieve a 100% participation rate. The size of individual contributions is immaterial; it’s not how much you give that counts, but the fact that you give at all. Together, we can raise a significant sum of money.

The average donation is £20 a year for four years, but even a gift of just £12 a year (£1 a month, or a couple of drinks at the bar) is valuable. Every gift matters, regardless of the size, and for as long as you are a donor to the College, you will be invited to the Benefactors’ Garden Party in May Week.

If you would like to speak to one of the Committee members about this year’s PLG, please don’t hesitate to email us or catch us around College. Please do also join our Facebook group!

Thank you for your support!

The PLG Committee:
Richard Law, President
Adam Barker
Holly Clothier
Jessica Farmery
Katharine Griffiths
Laura Moulton
Stefan Ulrich
Matilda Waters

PLG Donation Form

If you would prefer not to donate online, you can download a hard-copy donation form, which should be returned to Emma Adlard in the Development Office (N8 or via the Development Office pidge in the Lodge).