Dr Jacob Norris, Research Fellow in Middle East History, Pembroke College

“Having an office on the top floor of the ‘N’ staircase in Pembroke can feel quite isolating at times, but it also has its advantages. The biggest of these is the fact that the Pembroke Cafe is just two flights of stairs away. Since joining Pembroke as a fellow in 2010 I’ve become a regular in the Cafe and have come to appreciate its friendly atmosphere and tasty range of snacks, meals and drinks. I’ve found myself making regular pit-stops in the cafe to break up the working day and this gives me a sense of being in touch with the wider college community. There’s always a range of people in there, from undergrads to fellows and everyone in between. Most importantly the staff never fail to be friendly and welcoming even at the busiest of times. All in all, a great place to take a break for coffee or lunch.”
Sept 2012

A student

I always enjoy popping into the cafe (next door to the JP) for lunch or a coffee – you always meet friends their and if its quiet the staff are always happy to have a quick chat.
Sept 2012