Booking a room or garden

RMS (Rooms Management System) should be used to book or request the use of certain rooms in College.  Please make sure you read the general conditions for use of public rooms and gardens available here.

Catering in College public rooms: All refreshment (food and drink) should be procured through the College.  Please contact the Catering Manager, Nina Rhodes, to discuss this further.

Pembroke students can request the use of the following function rooms – these can only be used once approval has been given so Please ensure that for all requests plenty of time is given for approval (preferably at least 24 hours).

Old Library, Nihon Room and N7

When making the booking please give full details of the event, for example you will need to name 1 steward for every 10 guests and if it is a speaker meeting to give the title of the talk and the speaker. If organising a speaker meeting please make sure that you are familiar with the College’s Events and Speakers Policy and Freedom of Speech statement.

Undergraduate students may request the use of supervision rooms (including N7) but only after 8pm on a weekday, after 2pm on Saturday and all day Sunday.

Pembroke students can book the following rooms (approval not needed):

New Cellars, New Common Room (aka NCR or BB9), Old Lodge Cellars

Please be as specific as possible about your event. If it is for a speaker meeting you then you need to give the title of the talk and the speaker – again this information should be entered when making the booking.


Other rooms/facilities that are booked via RMS:

Squash Courts (keys from Porter’s Lodge)

Astro turf

Netball court

Table Tennis room (bottom of R staircase, swipe card access – to request access please complete the permission request form)

Music rooms (keys from Porter’s Lodge)

Croquet sets/lawn (Easter term only) – croquet sets collected from Porter’s Lodge

Guest rooms M4a (4 beds) and M4b (2 beds) – costs are shown on RMS.