Student meal charges

  • Pembroke calculates buttery and cafe meal prices at the cost of food raw materials plus a margin to cover direct production costs.
  • The aim is to ensure price rises are kept to a minimum, bearing in mind cost inflation within the Catering Department.
  • Price changes are made 1 July each year. The College reserves the right to make other price changes in exceptional circumstances.
  • Gross sales margins may differ between products. A fair price is assessed by the Catering Manager depending on the cost and saleability of each product.
  • Students are charged 60% of the meal price, i.e. a 40% discount.
  • A student discount exists because all students pay a kitchen fixed charge to contribute fairly to the catering facilities.
  • The Food Committee reviews the catering service and prices by meeting at least once per term.
  • Following discussions with the Food Committee: 2014/15 – the sales price of some café products was reduced as some products were made in house; 2015/16 – the sales price of side orders has been reduced.