Graduate Accommodation Survey


Your current circumstances

    Do you currently:

  • How many years (in total) have you lived in Pembroke accommodation as a graduate student?

  • If you live in accommodation not owned by Pembroke College please could you select which of the categories best describes the type of housing you have?

  • If you have chosen to live in College-owned accommodation please select those which best explain your reasoning for doing so:

  • If you have chosen to live in private accommodation, please select those which best explain your reasoning for doing so:

Meeting your needs

    What factors do you consider important when choosing a room (where 1 is unimportant and 5 is very important)

  • Do you think students living out or in College owned flats/houses should be automatically exempt from the KFC rather than being charged half and having to apply for exemption?

  • Do you think graduate students should have the option to apply to opt out of paying KFC and just pay the higher prices if they eat in College, especially if the nature of their research work means that they are some distance from College and so are unable

  • Do you think we should have more flats/houses available for graduates to rent?

  • If you answered 'Yes' should these be:

  • Do you think we should have flats/houses which groups of friends could rent (not necessarily all Pembroke students)


    Do you think your room and the service provided is acceptable in relation to the rent you pay?

  • Do you think all graduate hostels should have a communal area (large kitchen with dining area/sitting room)

  • If you said yes to the above do you think this should still be the case even if a bedroom had to be converted into communal area to achieve this?

  • Do you think the College should stop using basement rooms as bedrooms:

The Ballot

    The current ballot process is started in March with the ballot to choose rooms taking place in May – do you think this timetable is OK or should the ballot be held earlier or later:

  • Should the ballot be held in the evening or at lunch time?

  • Should the ballot be held in smaller groups say of 15-20 at a time and over a couple of weeks, allowing students lower down the ballot to choose a room at a later date?

  • Hostel keepers receive a 30% rent discount, but we often struggle to find enough hostel keepers for all the undergraduate hostels. Why do you think this is?

And finally ...