Congregation Booking

This form must be submitted at least 14 days before the Congregation you wish to attend. Please read this form and accompanying notes carefully and complete all relevant sections.

Information required

  • Accommodation in College is very limited but we hope to be able to accommodate you and a guest in College for one night. Very occasionally, depending on availability, it may be possible to accommodate up to two further guests. Accommodation is normally in twin rooms. As a candidate, no charge applies to you for one night. Thereafter, and for guests at any time, a charge ranging from 47GBP per night to 114GBP per night depending on room and the number of people occupying the room.
  • Anyone taking a higher degree (MPhil or above) is very welcome to attend dinner at High Table the evening before the Congregation (candidates only - guests unfortunately cannot be accommodated on this occasion). No charge applies.
  • You and up to three guests are welcome to attend a buffet lunch on the day of the Congregation free of charge. However, if you would like to bring more than three guests please enquire. Please understand that not every type of food may be available. In particular, if you or your guest(s) suffer from intolerance towards certain foods, please enquire. The College cannot be held responsible for reactions resulting from such intolerances.
  • Admission of guests to the Senate House is strictly by ticket only. University guidelines allow no more than three guest tickets per candidate.
  • All candidates will be required to meet The Praelector in College before the Congregation for a briefing and attire check followed by the procession to The Senate House. The University has very strict requirements regarding dress; please click here for more information.