Your bill

Shortly before your arrival at Pembroke you will be emailed two bills which relate to:

  1. Your Fee bill (to be paid before matriculation on 2 October 2018) – covered here.
  2. Your College bill


College bills are issued quarterly, covering room rent and other fixed charges for the coming quarter, and the cost of meals etc. taken in the previous quarter. Your College bill will most likely show charges for:

  • Room rent (where applicable). This includes background heating, electricity and ethernet.  Rents range from £90.60-£138.39/week.
  • Vacation Rent. This is payable for any residency prior to the 29 September 2018 and is charged as a nightly pro rata rent for the room you are occupying.
  • Kitchen Overhead Charge (KFC) of £168/term for students living in College-owned accommodation and £84/term for students who live in private accommodation.  This charge is consequent upon membership of the College, and is not related to actual use of the facilities of the Hall and Buttery in any term.  Further information on circumstances under which you can apply to be from the KFC can be found here.
  • Meals bought in the buttery are paid for using your meal account and accessed using your University card. You are allowed to accumulate up to £100 of debt on this account each term. You may need to pay into the account to keep it within this limit. At the end of each term any debit or credit balance on the meal account is transferred to your main College bill.
  • Formal Hall is currently charged at £9.70; there is a charge of £15.00 for guests. These meals are also paid for using your meal account.
  • Personal incoming faxes are charged at 22p a sheet. Outgoing faxes are charged at 22p a sheet inland and 55p a sheet overseas.