Medical arrangements

  • The College takes the care of its members’ health very seriously.  It will require you to register with a doctor in Cambridge on arrival, so that prompt and appropriate medical treatment will be available to you should the need arise.  This is essential; it is imperative that all our students have a Cambridge doctor, for instance to ensure that, in the event of a flu pandemic, adequate doses of relevant drugs can be ordered.  There is no “official” College doctor and you will be free to choose from the local general practitioners (the College Nurse or your Tutor will be able to advise you if you wish).  Advice, treatment for minor ailments and treatment under your doctor’s supervision can be provided by the College Nurse who holds a daily surgery during term time.
  • Cambridge medical practices ask you to undergo a ‘mini-medical’ examination upon registration with them.  The normal NHS channels achieve a transfer, while the ‘mini-medical’ provides the Cambridge GP with the information he or she needs.
  • If you are already receiving medical treatment when you come up, please ensure that you bring a detailed letter from your home doctor for your new doctor to see.
  • If you are coming from an non-EU country we advise you to check the health and healthcare advise available on the university website for what treatment you may or may not be eligible under the National Health Service.  You are strongly advised to take out some form of medical insurance to cover you throughout your time here.
  • If you are suffering from any complaint that, for your own safety, it would help us to know about (e.g. diabetes or anaphylaxis), you may like to inform the Tutor for Graduate Affairs by letter, marking it confidential, or by completing the card you will find in your pigeonhole on arrival.  Naturally this remains at your discretion, but in any emergency, information of this kind can be vital.
  • Please read the notice regarding vaccination against meningitis very carefully and ensure that you are vaccinated in plenty of time.