Central Government Support for Maintenance support

The amount of financial support available from Central Government and whether it is a loan and/or a grant will depend on the region of the UK you live in.  The information given here is based on support available to students from England.  Students from Northern Ireland, Scotland or Wales should consult the relevant websites.  Some of the Student Finance websites listed have a calculator which will give you a more detailed estimate of the support that you might be entitled to, depending on levels of assessed household income.

EU students are not eligible for any National support towards their maintenance but, depending on their financial circumstances they might be eligible for a Cambridge Bursary.

 N.B. Changes to residency requirements for UK-domiciled EU students: The UK government has announced a change to the way in which EU nationals resident in the UK are assessed for student maintenance support. Whereas until now, such students had to be resident in the UK for the last three years in order to qualify for maintenance support in addition to the tuition fee loan, that has been increased to five years.

 Student Maintenance Loan for students assessed by Student Finance England

All students are entitled to apply for a Student Maintenance Loan to help with maintenance costs.  The amount of loan you are entitled to will depend on your household income.  Students from a household income of <£25k are entitled to a loan of up to £8,700 whereas a student from a household income of >£62,215 is entitled to a loan of up to £4,054.  The Loan is repayable once you have graduated and are earning over £21,000/annum.

Your ‘assessed household income’ is calculated by Student Finance, on the basis of your application; it is NOT calculated by either the University or by the College.  We do recommend that you/your parents do not tick the boxes signifying refusal to allow data sharing between Student Finance and the University.  If the boxes are left un-ticked, then Student Finance can communicate directly with the University about your entitlement to support.

How to apply for Government Loans (Tuition fees and/or maintenance loans)

Applications are made on-line via the relevant websites:

Students from England
Students from EU
Students from Northern Ireland
Students from Scotland
Students from Wales

In order to avoid any delays in the processing of your application you should start your application as soon as possible.

When you apply, you must declare the name of the institution you plan to attend as: Pembroke College, University of Cambridge

You must ensure that you have applied by the specified date.  If you delay in applying then there is a risk that it will not be possible for the SLC to release your first maintenance loan instalment at the start of the Michaelmas term.  All information must be correctly completed to ensure that there are no delays with the bank transfer of your loan.  All correspondence with the SLC will be sent to your home address.

Once your application for student support has been processed, you will receive a document entitled University or College Payment Advice (UCPA) from Student Finance informing you of the amount of loan you have applied for, for both the tuition fee and maintenance.

It is important that you send a copy of your UCPA to the Tutorial Office, Pembroke College, Cambridge CB2 1RF, as soon as possible and not later than 31st August 2018.  Alternatively you can send this electronically to: becky.coombs@pem.cam.ac.uk.