Peter Clarke Prize for Scientific Communication 2018

If the public is to understand scientific advances then researchers have to be good at communicating what they do, and in a way that captures interest.

The purpose of this competition is to encourage scientists, medics, vets, mathematicians and engineers to write about complex concepts in a way that is readily understandable by all, without sacrificing accuracy, and in a way that engages and even entertains.

The target is to write a 2000 word article that should address, demystify or enlarge the general reader’s understanding of a topical issue in any aspect of the physical, biological, biomedical sciences, engineering or mathematics.

The competition is open to Pembroke undergraduate and graduate students studying Natural Sciences, Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, Mathematics or Engineering. The subject of the piece need not be related to their own discipline or their own research; it could also relate to a recent advance or topic debated in the media.

The prize is £750 and the deadline for submissions will be the first Friday of the Easter term, 27 April 2018.  Judging will be by a small panel including at least one College Fellow and a number of external judges. The winning entry will be published. Previous winners may not enter.

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