Idle Scholarship

The Idle Scholarship for Graduate Study in New York

We are delighted to invite applications from undergraduates in their final year for the Idle Scholarship, for four months study in New York after graduation from Pembroke. The Scholarship, which is tenable from September 2013, involves study in New York as a member of Occidental College, and is a result of the generous support of Eric Idle (1962).

Preliminary Information

Occidental is a distinguished liberal arts College of some 1500 undergraduates; it sits on a fine campus situated in Eagle Rock, Los Angeles. It has some very unusual internship and semester programmes, including the only undergraduate internship at the United Nations in New York.

The Idle Scholar will spend one semester (four months) in New York, studying International Relations in the context of the United Nations, and gaining work experience in a department of the UN itself. All fees, the cost of single-room in New York are covered; the Idle Scholarship also provides a generous travel allowance. Details of the courses offered by Occidental are available online at Prospective applicants should study these closely, and present their application accordingly.

Application procedure

Applicants should submit a CV, together with a statement of not more than 500 words describing their academic interests and their proposed course of study in America, to the Tutorial Office by the Friday after the end of full term (November 30th ). Applicants should ensure that the CV and statement of interests between them cover the following points:

1. academic record and non-academic activities at Cambridge;
2. reasons for wanting to study and travel in the USA and in New York in particular;
3. choice of courses to be studied;
4. plans for travel within the United States on completion of your study;
5. plans for subsequent career or study.

Applicants should also ask their Director of Studies or Tutor (or other appropriate referee, such as a supervisor) to provide them with a reference, to reach the Tutorial Office by the same date, November 30th. Interviews for the shortlisted candidates will be held at the beginning of the Lent Term 2013.