The booklet Financial Support for Pembroke Undergraduates gives full details of the financial support that is available to undergraduate students.  The College is able to make financial awards to undergraduates through it is Trust Funds; this money has been donated by benefactors, either in the past or on an ongoing basis.

Grant Forms:

Listed below are the principal grant forms that you might need, the deadlines, if applicable, that forms need to be submitted by and the page in the booklet where you can find that further information:

College Grant form: this should be used to apply for essential travel for course (pg. 11); funding for research in laboratories outside of Cambridge (pg. 10); language-based awards (pg. 11); specific named and annual general travel award competition (pg. 13 – 16).

Deadlines: You should apply before the trip takes place for essential course travel and funding for research in laboratories outside Cambridge.  For specific named and annual general travel award competition the deadline for applications is 4 May 2018.

Vacation study grant form: if you have strong academically-approved reasons to remain in Cambridge during the vacations then you can apply for a grant to help towards living costs whilst remaining in college (pg. 10).  This form should also be used if you are remaining in Cambridge to undertake a laboratory based research project. (pg. 10).

Deadlines: applications should be made before the vacation in question. Forms must be received by the first Friday of the term following the vacation concerned, or will not be considered.

Book grant form (pg. 12): final closing date is 1st May

1966 Mill Lane Award: available to all undergraduates.  Deadline for applications is 4 May 2018.

Application form for a Blues/Half-blues award (pg. 18-19).

Peter May award for sports expenses (pg. 18-19).

Pembroke Players grant application form (pg. 19-20).

Hardship forms are available here: any student who considers themselves in hardship should talk to their Tutor, Tutorial Bursar or College Registrar.  Details of Hardship funds available are on pg.3 – 9 of the finance guide.

Language Courses – There is no grant form to use when applying for support for language course for non-linguists provided by the University language centre – students should submit their receipt and certificate to the College Registrar (pg 18) before the end of June of the Academic year in which the language course was undertaken. College will contribute up to 50% of the course cost on successful completion of the course.

Architecture expenses (pg 12).  Claim forms are sent out by the Tutorial office and must be completed and submitted termly.



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