Maintenance Contribution and Rent Rebate Scheme

Pembroke’s Maintenance and Rent Rebate Scheme (rent rebates are only available to resident students living in Pembroke-owned accommodation) is designed to reduce day-to-day living cost and accommodation costs for undergraduates who receive some means-tested government support, including those who get any element of the maintenance loan based on household income.

Students financially assessed by Students Finance England

Both the Maintenance and Rent rebates are calculated automatically for students using the information given on the Student Financial Breakdown. Students in receipt of a full maintenance grant (£3,387) will receive a flat rate contribution towards maintenance. Students who receive a maintenance grant of between £3,386 and £50 will receive a contribution towards maintenance and a fixed amount of rent rebate: summary available here and a more detailed table showing the correlation between maintenance grant, Cambridge bursary and College support for students paying £9k fees is available here

Students in receipt of an element of the loan based on household income will receive a rent rebate of between 25% and 11% – rebates are based on the average college room rent (£97.83/week) (not the rent of the room that the student is occupying) (see table below). The College would normally expect a student to be taking out all the support available to them. Details available here.

Students financially assessed by one of the following: Student Finance Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales or the DfES (EU students)

Due to complexities of and variations in the various support packages available to Northern Irish, Scottish and Welsh students and the lack of additional maintenance support for EU student the College will offer this group of students up to £1,350 towards their maintenance costs. The amount a student receives will be directly related to the level of Cambridge Bursary they receive. A student who receives a full Cambridge Bursary (£3,500) will receive £1,350 from the College.   The level of support will then decrease by £10 for every £50 that the CEB decreases (see below). As before, the first £1,000 will be offered as a maintenance contribution and anything above that as a rent rebate (details available here).

Students in this group and from household incomes of between £42,621 and £61,500 the College will offer a rent rebate just as it does students financially assessed by Student Finance (i.e. a rent rebate of between 25% and 11% of the average room rent) however students will need to apply for this support and provide evidence of household income (see table at bottom of the previous page).

The College recognises that individual circumstances may change over the length of the course, and will respond flexibly to any queries or anomalies that may arise in applying these guidelines in particular cases.

No application for any of the above mentioned support is necessary as it will be automatically calculated for all eligible students using the information given on the Student’s Financial Notification or when the Cambridge Bursaries are announced. Maintenance contributions and rent rebates are paid in arrears; the first sum will be deducted from the Lent term bill and the final sum from the Long Vacation bill.

EEA, overseas and self-funded students are not eligible for rent rebates. If they feel they are in genuine and unexpected hardship they should consult their Tutor.

If there are any aspects of this scheme that are unclear to you please talk to Becky Coombs in the Tutorial Office.