Undergraduate Tutorial Questionnaire


  • Have you ever found the gender of your Tutor a factor in consulting them?

  • How easy do you find it to contact your Tutor?

  • Do you find your Tutor easy to talk with?

  • How many other College Tutors do you know?

  • Have you ever consulted a different Tutor, and if so in what circumstances?

  • Which of the following do you think your Tutor should be able to provide help with/advice about? Please tick as many as you wish and comment below

  • If there are any other areas not mentioned above that you feel might fall within a Tutor's remit, please comment below

  • In a few words, what do you think the role of the Tutor is?

Contacting your Tutor

    An important reason for having a Tutor is knowing that you have an advocate who knows you and is regularly and easily available.

    Our current practice is to expect you to meet your Tutor in formal meetings at least twice a term, and in addition via regular office hours or by appointment.

    Do you think this is a realistic pattern of meetings?

  • For routine business, would you prefer to make contact with your Tutor

  • For non-routine business, would you prefer to make contact with your Tutor

Your work

    How useful is it to discuss the progress of your work with a Tutor who is not a specialist in your field?

  • Does your Tutor reveiw your CamCORS reports?

  • Is there anything your Tutor could do to be more helpful about your work? Please comment below

  • Do you consider your Tutor as a likely referee for a job application or character reference?


    Do you value the fact that College Tutors are available to help with any personal problems that you may want to talk about?

  • Would you feel comfortable about approaching any of the following about a serious problem in the following categories?


  • Personal

  • Academic

  • What sort of response do you want from a Tutor when approaching them with a problem of the kind mentioned above?

  • Have you encountered problems on which you would have welcomed advice but which you have not felt able to discuss either with your Tutor or any other Fellow?

  • If yes, did you find helpful advice elsewhere?

  • What have you valued most about the Tutorial system? Please feel free to share any specific instances which we might, duly anonymised, share with Freshers

  • What have you disliked most about the Tutorial system? Any incidents or episodes from which we can learn will be treated in confidence

  • How could the support provided by the Tutors be improved?