This is a list of all of the Fellows of the College, listed alphabetically. You can also view the list by subject 

The Rt Hon Lord Smith of Finsbury PC MA PhD

Name  Subject
Abreu, Dr Maria Land Economy
Allan, Professor Trevor Law
Barrett, Dr Sam Music
Bausch, Dr Johannes Maths
Bell, Professor John (FBA) Law
Blakesley, Dr Rosalind Polly History of Art
Burt, Dr Caroline History
Burton, Dr Nicholas Natural Sciences (Biological)
Bussey, Professor Timothy Natural Sciences (Biological)
Camozzi Pistoja, Dr Ambrogio  Modern & Medieval Languages
Cardoso, Professor Silvana Chemical Engineering
Cates, Dr Andrew Bursar
Cavill, Dr Paul History
Clatworthy, Dr Menna Medicine
Cooper, Professor Nigel Natural Sciences (Physics)
Cottaar, Dr Sanne Natural Sciences (Earth Sciences)
Csanyi, Professor Gabor Engineering
Datta, Dr Nilanjana Mathematics
Davies, Professor Nick (FRS) Natural Sciences (Zoology)
Deshpande, Professor Vikram Engineering
Diemberger, Dr Hildegard  Social Anthropology
Durrell, Dr John Engineering
Epstein, Dr Peter Philosophy
Ettenhuber, Dr Katrin English
Ferrari, Professor Andrea Engineering
Fleck, Professor Norman (FRS) Engineering
Franklin, Professor Robin (FMedSci) Medicine
Fryxell, Dr Allegra History
Gagné, Dr Renaud Classics
Gardom, Rev’d Dr James Theology & Religious Studies
Gelsthorpe, Professor Loraine Criminology
Gorji, Dr Mina English
Grey, Professor Clare (FRS) Natural Sciences (Chemistry)
Grimstone, Dr Bill History
Grunwald, Dr Henning History
Hayward, Professor Geoffrey Education
Hennequin, Dr Guillaume Engineering / Computational Neuroscience
Hickson, Dr James Medicine
Houen, Dr Alex English
Huot, Professor Sylvia (FBA) Modern & Medieval Languages
Hussin, Dr Iza Politics and International Studies
John, Dr Stephen Philosophy
Johnson, Professor Randall Natural Sciences (Physiology & Cancer Biology)
Jones, Dr Emily  History
Jones, Dr Nick Natural Sciences (Materials Science & Metallurgy)
Kassell, Dr Lauren History and Philosophy of Science
Kindersley, Dr Nicola History
Lämmle, Dr Rebecca Classics
Learmount, Dr Simon Management Studies
Lizieri, Professor Colin Land Economy
Loch, Professor Christoph Management Studies
Lyons, Professor Malcolm Asian and Middle Eastern Studies
Maciejowski, Professor Jan Engineering
Madhavapeddy, Dr Anil Computer Science
McBride, Mr Nick Law
Meissner, Dr Torsten Classics
Mellor, Mr Matthew Development Director
Melville, Professor Charles Asian and Middle Eastern Studies
Micklem, Dr Gos Natural Sciences (Biological)
Mumby, Dr Hannah Natural Sciences
Ness, Dr Christopher Chemical Engineering
Nouwen, Dr Sarah Law
O’Rahilly, Professor Sir Stephen (FRS, FMedSci) Medicine
Parry, Professor Jon History
Passolt, Dr Daniela Director of International Programmes
Payne, Professor Mike (FRS) Natural Sciences (Physics)
Robertson, Dr Donald Economics
Rosso, Dr Giovanni Mathematics
Sehlikoglu, Dr Sertaç Islamic & Middle Eastern Studies
Shadrin, Dr Alexei Mathematics
Smith, Professor Kenneth (FMedSci) Medicine
Sternberg, Dr Max Architecture
Tambakis, Dr Demosthenes Economics
Tucker, Dr Dan Veterinary Medicine
Venkitaraman, Professor Ashok (FMedSci) Medicine
Warde, Dr Paul History
Webb, Dr Richard Mathematics
Weil, Dr Tim Natural Sciences (Zoology)
Wormald, Dr Mark English
Wyatt, Prof Mark Natural Sciences (Astrophysics)
Yaqoob, Dr Waseem History
Young, Professor Christopher Modern & Medieval Languages