Dr Paul Warde

Subject: Histroywarde-p

Email (@cam.ac.uk): psw1000

Research Interests:  Lecturer in Environmental History; Research Director at the Centre for History and Economics; Senior Editor, History & Policy. Researches the environmental and economic history of Europe, c.1500 to the present, with particular interests in energy and resource use, and environmental and economic thought.  Publications include: Ecology, economy and state formation in early modern Germany (Cambridge, 2006); Nature’s End: History and the Environment (edited with Sverker Sorlin) (Basingstoke, 2009); The Future of Nature (edited with Libby Robin and Sverker Sorlin) (New Haven, 2013); Power to the people: energy in Europe over the last five centuries (with Astrid Kander and Paolo Malanima) (Princeton, 2013).

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