Professor Charles Melville

Subject: Asian and Middle Eastern Studies

Email ( cpm1000

Research Interests: Professor of Persian History; Director of Studies in Asian and Middle Eastern Studies.  The history of the Middle East and Iran, especially the Mongol and Safavid periods (13th-17th centuries); mediaeval Persian historiography; the illustration of Persian manuscripts. Director of the Shahnama Project. Teaches: Islamic history, Persian culture and language. Main publications: A History of Persian earthquakes (Cambridge, 1982); The seismicity of Egypt, Arabia and the Red Sea (1994); joint editor of The Cambridge History of Iran, vol. 7; editor of History and Literature in Iran, and of Safavid Persia (Pembroke Papers, vols 1 and 4 respectively); author of Amir Chupan and the decline of the Ilkhanate (1998).

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