Professor Loraine Gelsthorpe

Subject: Criminology

Email ( lrg10

Research Interests:

University Professor in Criminology and Criminal Justice, Director of the MPhil Programmes in Criminology and Criminological Research

Tutor for Graduate Affairs; Graduate Tutor.

Reader in Criminology and Criminal Justice, Institute of Criminology. Research and teaching: discretion to prosecute; discrimination in the criminal justice system; youth justice; community penalties, qualitative research methods; theoretical developments in criminology since 1945; psychoanalytic dimensions of criminal justice policy. Books include: Sexism and the Female Offender (1989); Feminist Perspectives in Criminology (1990); Minority Ethnic Groups in the Criminal Justice System (1993), Understanding the Sentencing of Women (1997), Community Penalties: Change and Challenges (2001), Exercising Discretion: Decision-making in the criminal justice system and beyond (2003) and The Handbook of Probation (2007) and numerous articles on the above topics.

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