Dr Alan Dawson

Alan DawsonAlan Dawson having graduated in History from Pembroke, worked on early twentieth-century Peru for his PhD, also from Cambridge. He co-founded the Cambridge Centre for Sixth-form Studies where an innovative approach to sixth-form education proved successful and influential. During the 1990s, working with the Hebridean Trust, he was also involved in a number educational, conservation and restoration projects in the Hebrides. From the early 1990s he was closely involved as Pembroke sought to make vacation programmes a significant part of the Pembroke portfolio, and moved full-time to work on Pembroke projects – including helping to launch the Corporate Partnership Scheme – from 1997. The Spring Semester Programme and what is now known as the Pembroke-King’s Programme were launched early in the new millennium. In 2005 he was appointed the first full-time Fellow and Director of International Programmes. 2013, his final full year as Director, saw the successful launch of two new programmes, Creative Writing in Cambridge and the International Security and Intelligence programme.