Choosing Courses

Choosing Courses

Once you are accepted on to the programme you will be able to choose your courses through the online application system. Keeping course timetabling groups in mind, you must take three courses and may choose any one of the following course combinations:

  • One Module 3 course, one Module 1 course and one Module 2 course
  • Two Module 3 courses and one Module 1 or Module 2 course
  • Two Module 1 courses and one Module 2 course
  • One Module 1 course and two Module 2 courses
  • Three Module 3 courses

In place your third course you can also choose a Supervision. The timing of the Supervision option is counted as a Module 3 course.

To keep in mind when selecting courses:

  • The Pembroke-King’s Programme offers you the unique opportunity to study three courses during the summer. For this reason, we advise you to be open-minded about how you select and combine your courses.
  • If possible, select one course in your major field, one course in the field of your minor or to fulfil a general requirement and one course to discover and try something fun or completely different.
  • We have found that students who try out a new topic in a new subject area have often an exceptionally stimulating and inspiring experience!
  • When combining courses go for a combination of overview courses and more specialised courses.
  • Most courses are accessible to anyone as they require no prior knowledge. However, please note that it may take you a couple of sessions until you are comfortable using a certain subject-specific language and to adapt to new ways of thinking!
  • The science courses on offer should be only be taken if you have a strong foundation in the sciences, which usually means you are a science major. While as a non-science major you may be able to keep up with the content of the first introductory teaching sessions, the pace will accelerate quickly usually making it difficult to keep up with the coursework.
  • Make sure that you carefully read all course descriptions on the website or online system and that you do not make up your mind too quickly when just skimming through the course titles. Unless you take time to read at least the course descriptions you can’t be sure to know what the course will cover. Once you have selected your preferred courses you will be able to view the more detailed course syllabi.