Brands and International Marketing

Dr Niall Caldwell

Globalisation has arrived in the form of Global Brands. They are the visible faces of the products and services which seek to dominate markets around the world.  They are also the most important drivers of consumption and thus have a major role in economic activity. For many businesses they are the necessary tools of competitive advantage.

The brand is an intangible asset. These assets are built and managed according to brand building and marketing techniques. This course will study the current techniques and models of branding and use them to understand the sources of brand strength which are found in brand identity, salience, awareness, loyalty, associations and perceptions of quality.  Although branding began with consumer products and services, brand management techniques are now used widely in non-consumer areas.  Among the topics covered in this course will be the application of branding to cultural industries (museums, cities, regions and countries). Current research on celebrity branding will also be studied.

If you have studied on a basic marketing introductory course then you will be familiar with most of the marketing concepts and terminology. If you have not studied marketing before then you can fill in your missing background by reading one of the many useful marketing textbooks such as:

Kotler, P., 2016. Principles of marketing. Sixteenth edition, Global edition.. ed. Harlow : Pearson Education

IMPORTANT: Students taking this course are to purchase their own copy of Clifton, R., 2009. Brands and Branding, London.