Edel Sanders

A summa cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Columbia University, Edel Sanders is a PhD candidate in the Faculty of Education, Psychology Group at the University of Cambridge and the Chair of Psychology and Director of Academic Writing at the University of New York in Prague.

Fueled by her fascination with the workings of the developing mind, Sanders earned two master’s degrees (MA, EdM) from Columbia University Teachers College.  Additionally, she has taught in multiple settings while researching arts and mathematics education over the years.

What specific cognitive processes are involved in creative thinking and problem solving?  How can educators effectively enhance intellectual development in students while also encouraging enjoyment of learning?  These questions are relevant to Sanders’ PhD dissertation, in which she explores the relationship between musical training and mathematical reasoning.  Earlier research co-conducted at Columbia University’s Arts Education Research Center found a positive correlation between these two cognitive domains, yet further research is needed in order to pinpoint the reasons why.  Sanders has been part of the INSTRUCT (Implementing New Student and Teaching Resources Using Cognitive Theory) research group at the University of Cambridge and teaches a course in music psychology at Charles University in Prague.  Future research interests involve brain plasticity, including the exploration of alternative educational methods to aid learning in pupils with challenges such as dyslexia and Williams Syndrome.