Employability, Self-Marketing and Personal Branding

Dr Fahri Karakas

In today’s global, rapidly changing knowledge based economy, learning and experimenting with employable skills is one of the smartest investments that one can make for their future career. The overall aim of the course is to encourage students to develop key employability skills that will stand them in good stead for a future career. The course will put the student right in the centre of their own learning and engagement with an array of developmental activities designed to develop themselves and their future careers. Students will find opportunities to practice skills such as leadership, creativity, design thinking, and problem solving relevant to the needs of graduate employers. The course also involves the development of practical employable skills including preparing CV, writing a cover letter and preparing for job interviews.

This course draws from an interdisciplinary perspective to understand career success, self-marketing and personal branding. It will build on foundational concepts and skills in career development from across disciplines, including psychology, business, design thinking, entrepreneurship, and employability. It is designed as a learning environment that focuses on the development of knowledge and skills for students interested in distinctive career success. A core belief underlying the approach, demonstrated in interactive sessions, stems from the Chinese proverb, “Tell me and I forget. Show me and I remember. Involve me and I understand.” Students will have intensive brainstorming sessions, professional development workshops and training programs to develop and apply professional skills for their careers in the 21st century.

Intended Audience

This course is aimed at students wishing to prepare themselves for the job market using creative and experimental methods; students seeking to develop employable and entrepreneurial skills for future life and career; students wishing to engage in self-discovery and reflection for personal development.

Previous Knowledge

No prior knowledge of business, entrepreneurship, or arts-based methods will be assumed or required. Willingness to engage in self-directed learning, creative thinking, and hard work is required.

Transferable Knowledge and Skills

This course will allow students to: develop vision and skills for the changing job market; use design thinking methods; develop employable skills; and experiment with creativity. Special emphasis will be given to:

  • Applications and hands-on experience in using interpersonal, conceptual and practical employable skills in a simulated environment
  • Inspiring self-discovery and positive reflection about your career, yourself, and your leadership
  • Changing paradigms, new mind-sets and skills for professionals and leaders of the future
  • Creative, innovative, integrative, and interdisciplinary thinking skills