Industrial Organisation

Pawel Dziewulski

The course will cover the following topics:

  • How firms make decisions regarding pricing, product design, advertising
  • How firms make decisions regarding entry, mergers and takeovers, innovation,       vertical relation
  • The welfare effects of firm decisions and market power
  • Interactions between strategic firms and competition
  • Abuse of dominance and other socially suboptimal behavior by firms, and how to regulate it
  • Basic methods for using data to analyze firm behavior

Intended Audience

Those with some knowledge of basic microeconomics, including consumer and producer theory, basic calculus and optimization.

Previous Knowledge

Participants should have had a basic first year class in micro-economics. They should be familiar with very basic calculus, like how to maximize a simple one-variable function (necessary and sufficient conditions).

Transferable Knowledge and Skills

Analysis of industries and regulation.