International Management and Business Ethics

Raphael Silberzahn

In this course we will discuss facets of globalization and their impact with special attention on the ethical dimensions of international business faced by managers in the multinational enterprise. What are the unique opportunities and challenges for contemporary businesses operating across different geographical, cultural, and institutional spaces? Does the corporate-led globalization contribute to the society by creating and spreading wealth or exacerbate social injustice and inequality through the concentration of power? What are the impacts of global exchanges on various stakeholders, and in consequence, on the sustainability of business, society and environment?

Approximately one week is devoted to each of the following topics:

  • Globalization and International Trade
  • Products and Global Brands
  • Management in the Multinational Enterprise
  • The Manager in the Boardroom and on the Couch

This course is aimed at: Students from business and non-business disciplines to gain insight into the work and dilemmas of international managers and discover how multinational companies affect society on a wider basis.

No particular pre-requisite knowledge required


  • 1 Final Exam: 45%
  • 1 Final Essay: 45%
  • Participation, progress and attendance: 10%

Lecture Hours: 12 x 1 hour 15 minutes (total 15 hours)

Seminar Hours: 8 x 1 hour 15 minutes (total 10 hours)