Ivano Cardinale

Ivano Cardinale is Mead Research Fellow at Emmanuel College, Cambridge. He was elected to the Fellowship after his postgraduate research and studies in economic and social theory (MPhil and PhD, University of Cambridge) and economics (MSc, University of Bologna).

He works on political economy and the theory of social action. His teaching in the PKP programme draws on his work on the interplay between cognitive and social structures in organisations, with particular reference to the theory of technology.

He is the convener of the Cambridge Research Seminar in Political Economy. He is also Research Associate at the Centre for Financial History at the University of Cambridge, Research Associate in economic analysis at the University of Bologna, and Member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Research Centre in Economic Analysis and International Economic Development (CRANEC), Catholic University of Milan. In consideration of his work in political economy and social theory he was elected Fellow of the International Balzan Foundation, which awards the annual Balzan Prizes.