Dr Lincoln Allison

Dr Lincoln Allison is a world-leading scholar of the politics of sport, having edited three agenda-setting volumes, the most recent being The Global Politics of Sport: The Role of Global Institutions in Sport (Routledge, 2005). His book Amateurism: An Analysis and a Defence (Frank Cass, 2000) combines history, politics, and philosophy, spiced with interviews and observations, in an exploration of the persisting relevance and value of amateur values. Dr Allison studied PPE at the University of Oxford (University College), and was a research scholar at Stanford University before taking up an academic post at the University of Warwick UK, in the Politics and International Relations department, where he is an Emeritus Reader. He has been Visiting Professor (Politics of Sport) at the University of Brighton between 2002 and 2014. Dr Allison is an essayist and broadcaster as well as an academic, and has stimulated important international debate on major controversies in sport, such as the issue of performance-enhancing drugs and doping policies in sport.