Eric Tippin

Eric Tippin is a PhD candidate in English Literature at the University of Cambridge with an anticipated graduation date in January of 2019. He has worked as an instructor, tutor, and supervisor at the University of Cambridge and Kansas State University for five years, teaching literature surveys, writing courses, and self-designed courses on nineteenth-century nonfiction and literary criticism. He teaches broadly within English literature and designs courses that cross usual period boundaries as well as those that cover various topics in nineteenth- and twentieth-century British literature.

His research investigates the ways in which literary forms and styles, from individual sentences to whole genres, make possible unique ways of thinking. His PhD Thesis, entitled, ‘Playing Modern: Essaying, 1880–1920, Wilde, Chesterton, Woolf’ examines the periodical essay as a literary form at the turn of the twentieth-century in Britain. His next research project will orbit the subject of doubt as styled by writers at the end of the long nineteenth-century and its connections to technological development, medical discoveries, and shifting religious ideas. He also plans to continue the work with nineteenth- and twentieth-century periodicals he began during his PhD.