Being Successful, Staying Ethical: the Art of Being a Good Boss

Sophie Churchill

A good boss is, simply, good at their job: competent, consistent and convincing. They are also good in the ethical sense. This course covers both these dimensions of being a leader, helping participants develop the habits that make them successful both in business and as a human being.

This is an energetic, contemporary and reflective treatment of business leadership, helping participants to anticipate and understand the distinctive nature of being a leader rather than a follower or indeed a manager. It explores how we can be successful and yet behave in a fair, humane and empathetic manner. The course will also cover how to preserve personal growth, outside interests and personal well-being whilst holding senior responsibilities.

Intended Audience

Leadership in one form or another, in whatever sector or industry, is likely to come the way of participants on the Pembroke-King’s Programme and so the course is open to all participants, from whatever background.  Arts, engineering, medicine and business majors have all found it useful.

Previous Knowledge

No specific knowledge is required, beyond self-knowledge that this might be important territory for you, now or in the future.

Transferable Knowledge and Skills

  • Understanding our own and others’ leadership styles and how to work with them
  • How to lead, be yourself and go beyond your current self, with courage
  • A working knowledge of the concepts of emotional and cognitive empathy, emotional intelligence and authenticity
  • Achieving business objectives whilst retaining trust in others and integrity for yourself
  • Familiarity with the practical, difficult tasks of leadership and how to approach them
  • Ethical business dilemmas and how to approach them
  • How to look after yourself whilst exercising leadership