The Development of the City from 1890 to 1990

Professor Nick Bullock

DevelopmentThe course aims to provide an understanding of the various ways in which the state, both national and local, has attempted to meet the challenge of urban growth during the 20th century. In place of a continuous narrative history, the lectures and classes will focus on key events, projects or texts to illustrate contemporary responses to the opportunities and problems created by the growth of the city. Using historical material drawn from a number of European and US cities, the lectures and classes offer both an understanding of the forces that have shaped the current forms of cities in these countries and a vantage point from which to consider the problems now faced by cities in the developing world.

Intended Audience

This course is aimed at students from a variety of backgrounds – history, sociology, economics, geography, architecture – and encourages them to pool their specialist knowledge in order to develop a shared understanding of the play of such different forces that have shaped the twentieth century city.