Professor Koen Steemers

An architectural and built environment academic with an international profile, Professor Steemers was recently named in Building Design’s inaugural list of the “50 most influential people in UK sustainability”. He has worked in the Germany and UK, including for Energy Conscious Design (now ECD Partnership, London), a pioneering low energy design practice. His PhD work at the University of Cambridge developed new insights in to the links between urban design and energy consumption which generated a series of funded research projects and drew the attention of academics and practitioners. He was invited to act as consultant, notably to the Richard Rogers Partnership on numerous projects, and became a Director of Cambridge Architectural Research Limited in 1991 – a now a well-established “Cambridge phenomenon” company.

Koen is Professor of Sustainable Design and was appointed Head of Department of Architecture at the University of Cambridge in 2008 after five years as Director of the Martin Centre and Head of Research for the Department. He is leading research into building and urban energy demand, thermal comfort, occupant behaviour and environmental performance. He directs the Masters course in Environmental Design in Architecture, currently supervises over ten PhD students and has produced more than 170 publications, including 10 books.

A sample of relevant recent research publications include:

–        V. Cheng and K. Steemers, (2011), ‘Modelling domestic energy consumption at district scale: A tool to support national and local energy policies’, Environmental Modelling and Software, Elsevier, Volume 26, Issue 10, October 2011, pages 1186–1198.

–        K. Steemers and S. Manchanda, (2010), ‘Energy efficient design and occupant well-being: Case studies in the UK and India’, Building and Environment, Volume 45, Issue 2, February 2010, pp. 270-278.

–        K. Steemers and G. Y. Yun, (2009), ‘Household energy consumption: a study of the role of occupants’, Building Research and Information, vol 38(1), pp. 625 – 637.

–        G. Y. Yun and K. Steemers, (2009), ‘Implications of urban settings for the design of photovoltaic and conventional façades’, Solar Energy, vol 83(1), pp. 68-80.