Reading before the programme
Some courses do have required pre-course readings and where this is the case it will be stated in the online course descriptions.

Reading during the programme
For all courses, several copies of the books on your reading lists will be available in the King’s College and Pembroke College Libraries. Sharing copies of library books is the standard practice at UK universities, so make sure you plan your reading in advance and share with your coursemates accordingly. In many courses you will be given access to e-Course Readers (targetted readings related to the course) through the online application system. In most courses therefore you will not be required to purchase books.

Courses are mostly upper division but you should read the syllabi to find out. Check thoroughly with your university (or relevant department) in order to make sure that they will accept the courses taken on PKP for academic credit.

Course numbers are updated in real-time, so if another student decides to drop a course, a place will become available on the registration tool. If a course you really want to take is full, we recommend logging into your account frequently to see if any places have become available.

Taking courses for pass/fail
The grades for all three courses you take together with a conversion table will appear on your Pembroke-King’s Programme transcript (i.e. a letter grade and a percentage grade). If you wish therefore to take certain courses for pass/fail credit you will need to arrange this with your home university.

Changing courses
Before arrival you can change your courses through the online course registration tool up until 1 June 2018. At this point we will need to fix student schedules in order to be able to provide final course schedules and attendance registers for lecturers.

Though we strongly encourage students to remain in their courses, at the start of each module you will have a limited window of two days in which to change courses, provided there is a sufficiently compelling academic reason to support such a change. This will need to be done in writing at the International Programmes office in Pembroke College. All course change applications will have to be justified and are subject to places being available in the requested courses.

Once accepted on the programme you will have access to detailed syllabi for all our courses through the online application system.

Missing lectures or seminars
The only valid excuse for missing a lecture or seminar is illness. If you are ill and unable to attend a lecture or a seminar, you will need to send an email to the PKP Office before the scheduled class. Absence for any other reason will not be excused and will be reflected in your final grade.

Length and number of courses
Students take three courses over the summer. All courses are worth the same number of credits and consist of 12 lectures and 8 seminars, with each teaching session lasting 1¼ hours. Some courses take place over three weeks (Module 1 in July, and Module 2 in August) while others are spread over the full six weeks of the programme (Module 3). Note that students can substitute a Supervision for one of their courses.

Timetabling conflicts
Once accepted on the programme you will be able to choose your courses online. Because of timetabling conflicts it may not be possible to take the three courses of your choice. Once you choose your first course from the list, course options in subsequent lists will be limited to those courses on the timetable which do not conflict with your previous choices.

Note that your course choices will only be secured on payment of the corresponding fees.