Communication, Internet and Phones

Mailing address

During your time on PKP mail can be sent to you at the following address:

Your name
Pembroke-King’s Programme
Pembroke College

Please note though that we cannot hold mail for you before the start of the Programme.

Cambridge University e-mail address
Unfortunately it is not possible to give you a Cambridge University e-mail address while you are attending PKP.

Internet access
All rooms have network points to connect to the internet and you can be loaned a network cable if you need one.

Computers and laptops
You will have 24-hour swipecard access to the Turing Room, the King’s College undergraduate computer room. However, we strongly advise that you bring your own laptop.

Bandwidth limit
Unlike at some universities in the world, bandwidth provision to universities in the UK is still extremely expensive and capacity is limited. To ensure that a few users do not slow the speed of internet traffic for everyone else on the network, you will be limited to a quota of 10GB per 24 hours across all devices registered under the individual user and comprising of both upload and download traffic. For more information on this please see Pembroke’s Network Traffic Control Policy.

Mobile phones
To find out if you can use your mobile phone in the UK you should check with your service provider.

Students in the past have found that buying a mobile phone in the UK is often the cheapest option, and there are numerous shops in Cambridge where you can purchase a handset and SIM card to use a ‘pay as you go’ plan. This involves buying phone credit in advance, either at the phone shop, over the telephone, or at kiosks located in a variety of convenient locations. For information on prices visit:

  • Carphone Warehouse, located in the Lion Yard shopping centre
  • EE, located in the Lion Yard shopping centre