Exams and Assessment

Assessment is based upon the final paper and final exam, though assessment may vary according to course. The method of assessment is outlined in the course descriptions.

Grades format
You will receive a UK percentage grade for each course you take, and these grades will be recorded on your transcript. While the UK grading system uses percentages you should note that it is very uncommon for students to get over 80%. The transcript will come with a conversion table.

Transcripts are usually sent within a month of the programme ending.

Getting academic credit
You usually gain academic credit for the courses you take over the summer, though the amount of credit usually varies according to the policy of your home university. You will be issued with a transcript to assist in arranging credit at your university. If you are at the University of California and apply through the UCEAP system, you will normally qualify for five quarter-units of credit per class. If you apply through IFSA-Butler you can expect to earn 12 US semester credit hours over the summer, and if you apply through Arcadia you can gain 12 US semester hour credits for the programme (4 per course).

The Pembroke-King’s Programme does not operate the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) however, as an approximation, completion of the programme can be considered as equivalent to completing a full Cambridge term and thus to 20 ECTS credits.

Learning disabilities
If you are usually given extra time in exams because of a disability, or need special arrangements made, please let us know through the relevant sections of the online application.