Programmes Fees 2018
Application Fee: £60
Tuition Fee: £3850
Accommodation Fee: Between £1746 and £2372 (depending on accommodation band selected)
Independent Supervision Fee: £990 (optional)

What the programme fees include
The programme fees cover tuition, accommodation, Formal Halls, and a partial meal plan which covers approximately ten meals per week.

Financial Aid
If you have confirmation of Financial Aid from your institution then payment of tuition or accommodation fees can be deferred until the financial aid payment date upon receipt of a £600 non-refundable deposit. All fees must however be paid before the beginning of the summer programme. If you are expecting to receive financial aid please send evidence of this to the PKP Programme Co-ordinator. If you have been awarded funding or Financial Aid by your institution and there are delays in this being released, please let the PKP Programme Co-ordinator know so that your place on the programme can be secured.

Paying in instalments
The Tuition Fee and the Accommodation Fee each needs to paid in one instalment. Paying each fee in multiple instalments is not possible.

Budget for personal expenditure
The amount students spend on such things as socialising, travelling and meals varies considerably. In terms of food provision, you should note that the partial meal plan included in the Accommodation Fee covers approximately ten light meals per week. All supplementary food and drink will need to be purchased separately. For an idea of the cost of this additional food, socialising and weekend travel you might want to contact of the PKP alumni through the PKP Experience page.

Bringing money
Most students find it best to access their personal funds through their usual credit or debit cards. However, it is worth bringing some British pounds for the first few days on the programme. Travellers cheques can also be exchanged for cash at banks across the UK, though this may attract a small charge.

Opening a bank account in the UK
While it is possible to open a UK bank account for the summer this is not recommended, given the amount of time it takes to open an account and the relatively short duration of the programme.

Credit card problems
Most students will not experience any problems in using their credit and debit cards in the UK. You should bear in mind though that some banks place restrictions on overseas transactions to prevent fraud. In order to prevent this from happening you should contact your bank in advance to tell them that you will be spending the summer in Europe.