Travelling on weekends
If you decide to travel at the weekend, please ensure you sign out before you leave so that we know when you are away from Cambridge. The sign-out sheet is kept in the PKP Programme Office.

Travelling in the EU
If you are a citizen of an EU country or a number of other countries you do not need a visa to travel around the EU. Please check with the relevant government agency before travelling.

If you need a visa, the Schengen Visa is used to visit European countries which are part of the Schengen Agreement, and this must be obtained at an embassy or consulate of the first Schengen country you will enter. For example, if the first country you wish to visit is France, you will need to check with your nearest French Embassy or Consulate, and the Schengen Visa you obtain will allow you to travel in other Schengen countries. For further information on travelling around the EU visit the EU’s official website.

Depending on your nationality you may need an Irish visa if you wish to visit the Republic of Ireland. For more information visit the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs.