What to pack

What to pack
We recommend that you pack as lightly as possible! You will need to transport your luggage from the airport to your room in Cambridge and back, and elevators are scarce both in London’s public transport system and in Cambridge. You will also acquire additional items and souvenirs during your time in Cambridge, so leave room in your luggage to take them back. Essential articles of clothing include comfortable walking shoes, jeans or long trousers, a waterproof jacket, a light jacket and a smart outfit for Formal Halls (men should bring a suit, or at least a shirt and tie, while women should bring a cocktail dress or something suitable for a formal occasion).

We do not recommend that you pack toiletries as these are cheap and easy to get hold of in the UK.

You should bring sufficient quantities of any medications you need to last you for the duration of the programme, and these should be carried in your hand luggage when travelling.

If you forget something you will be able to buy anything you need when you get to the UK.

Travel Documents
Make copies of your passport, travel insurance and flight details and keep them safe and separate form the originals. If you have government approved photo ID bring this and use it while in the UK in place of your passport.

Electronic Devices
All electric and electronic devices including laptops should comply with UK health and safety regulations. Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) will be conducted early in the programme and devices which do not comply with these regulations will be removed and only returned at the end of the programme.