The Pembroke-King’s Programme – HKU Scholarship

The Pembroke-King’s Programme – HKU Scholarship was created by the University of Hong Kong and Pembroke College to enable access to high quality academic experiences for outstanding students. Up to three scholarships are awarded each year to undergraduate students from the University of Hong Kong. If you wish to apply for this scholarship you should have an outstanding record of scholarship (CGPA of at least 3.5) and extracurricular activity, have a clear reason for wishing to study on the Pembroke-King’s Programme (PKP), be in your second year of undergraduate study at the University of Hong Kong or above, and demonstrate personal qualities that will make you a good ambassador for HKU and PKP. You will also be expected to take a supervision when you attend PKP.

The shared aim of both institutions is to foster academic excellence and encourage personal development within a culturally diverse setting.