Social and Cultural Opportunities

In addition to providing an excellent academic experience, PKP offers you a wonderful opportunity to explore Cambridge and the rest of the UK, as well as getting to know other students from across the world.

SocialCurrent Cambridge students act as Programme Assistants (PAs) and organise a wide variety of daily activities. You will receive a weekly bulletin via email outlining the activities the PAs have organised for the following week.

Cambridge has a rich and varied cultural life as well as many fine pubs, cafes and restaurants. You are free to explore the city on your own and take advantage of the university and city’s many cultural offerings, including fantastic museums and art galleries, and the annual Cambridge Shakespeare Festival.

Many students attending PKP use the opportunity to visit the rest of the UK during the free weekends, as well as other European countries before and after the programme. With London Stansted Airport, a major hub for low cost airlines, only thirty minutes from Cambridge, you can easily arrange your own trips. Paris, Barcelona, Milan, Munich, Prague, Dublin, Berlin, Brussels and Amsterdam are just some of the destinations PKP students have visited in the past!