Cambridge is one of the most remarkable places in Europe with an unbroken and impressive link, dating back over 800 years, to first class education and scholarship. Its famous alumni, including Newton, Darwin and Turing; Erasmus, Wittgenstein and Greer; Wordsworth, Byron and Tennyson; Thackeray, Rushdie and Byatt; Thompson, Mendes and Weisz, have illuminated all branches of learning, endeavour and enterprise. Poets, politicians and philosophers have lived and worked here and continue to inspire those who follow them.

The highlights

  • The 31 colleges – one of the finest collections of buildings in Europe with examples of the best of British secular and religious architecture spanning more than 700 years and featuring work by Wren, Wilkins, Gilbert Scott, Powell and Moya, Foster, Stirling and countless other architects and master masons who have left such a remarkable legacy.
  • PKP Cambridge 2011The University, dating from 1209, is one of the oldest and most innovative, and by some measures the leading university in the world.
  • The City, almost unique in its feel, history and traditions and now a vibrant, dynamic place much visited and admired for its science park, museums, shops, restaurants and festivals.
  • The Backs – Cambridge’s ‘Venetian’ waterway, the river Cam, meanders lazily through college gardens bringing something of the countryside and opportunities for elegant boating.
  • London – needing no introduction is only 50 minutes away by train.
  • The outdoor Shakespeare festival offering a variety of works played in delightful college garden settings.
  • Grantchester and the Orchard Tea Room – the rural haunt of the Bloomsbury group where Rupert Brooke, Bertrand Russell, Virginia Woolf, Keynes, Wittgenstein and others took tea and pleasure in the Edwardian countryside.
  • Gardens and green spaces – the University Botanic Garden and the college gardens are outstanding, while ancient water meadows reach to within a few yards of the city centre.
  • The City of Ely dominated by the great Norman cathedral founded in the late 11th century.