PKP courses taken

Evolution, Time and Progress, Medicine and Disease in European History, and Revolutions of the Mind

PKP accommodation

Trumpington Street Hostel

Thoughts on PKP

As a student of history, it was the opportunity of a lifetime to even stay in the city of Cambridge for two months, let alone study at the University.  Every day, simply walking to class, I was able to notice some new and fascinating trait of the town.  Why does this wall in an alley have little sculptures of heads along it?  Why is King Henry carrying a table leg?  Why do the buildings on this street look so different from the others?  Combine that with the great collections of museums, old churches, and colleges within walking distance, and the sheer weight of the history of this place was utterly overwhelming and deeply moving.

I shouldn’t have to say too much on the academics, other than that they certainly seemed to be the Cambridge standard.  My professors were excellent in both class and seminar, and went well beyond what was required.  It is thanks to their help that I was able to drastically improve my writing techniques over the summer, by meeting with them and discussing my essays, and it was by their suggestions that I had gotten experience in archival research which I plan to use in my graduate school applications.  Unlike in some larger universities, where the professors may not even know your name, the small class sizes and seminar sessions in PKP encouraged everyone to build relationships with their professors in what proved to be a challenging, yet wholly rewarding, educational experience.  It was one that I would not have passed up for the world.

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